• “The Medieval World of A Game of Thrones
  • “Monsters and Monstrosity in the Middle Ages”
  • “Medieval Women: Witches, Wives, and Widows”

Stayed tuned, I’m hoping to get these new papers off the ground soon!

SURV412 Geovisualisation and Cartography

Each year I do one class in this Surveying paper, on the Hereford Mappa Mundi. We are lucky enough to have a facsimile copy of the mappa mundi, so it gives the students a great chance to see a different way of visualising the world. This year, I made a wee video to explain a bit about the mappa mundi.

ENGL128 Effective Communication

I love teaching this paper! For most students, it’s their first experience of university study, so I really like to make sure my students understand not only how the paper works, but also how university works. There’s a lot to learn!

The paper is all about learning the crucial written and spoken communication skills needed to succeed at university and in the workplace. It’s a great opportunity to learn how to write reports, and how to create and deliver really inspiring presentations.

This paper is an awesome introduction to university study, and it really brings to the fore the importance of communication skills.

ENGL228 Writing for the Professions

This is an advanced professional writing paper that introduces students to the range of writing tasks that are encountered in the workplace. Students learn how to write memos, letters, reports, and proposals, and how to deliver presuasive and engaging presentations.

This is a real-world paper, where students come up with their own topics about problems in the world today that need very real solutions. Here are some of the topics students have come up with:

  • The Effect of Domestic Cats on New Zealand Native Wildlife
  • The Need for a New Superugby Competition Format
  • Does New Zealand Need a Sugar Tax?
  • How Can We Reduce Erosion at St Clair Beach (Dunedin)?

From this paper, students learn how to research and investigate a problem in society, and then how to write the documents to lobby appropriate governments and councils to act, and make real changes in society.

This is such an exciting paper: past students have submitted their reports to government departments, spoken to government bodies, and really made a difference in society.

Watch this video for more about ENGL228:

HUMS301/401 Internship Practicum

I select students for this internship personally. The internship gives top students the opportunity to work for an organisation or business for one semester, contributing their skills in writing and speaking skills to the business. In return, students gain first-hand experience in that business, learning how the business operates, providing the students with insight to guide their future careers.

Previous student have held internships with the following businesses:

  • Dunedin City of Literature
  • Otago Museum
  • Science Media Centre
  • Otago Daily Times
  • Otago University Press
  • Bligh Law
  • Dunedin English Language Partners
  • Otago University English Language Centre
  • University Bookshop
  • Science Learning Hub
  • Screenwriters Network

Here’s some more info about HUMS301/401: HUMS301/401 Internship

ENGL337 Creative Writing: Travel Narratives

As every travel writer knows, maps and books tell only part of the truth. By what process does the traveller describe, interpret, and represent people and places that are other to him or her?

Among the chief characteristics that are examined in this paper are the role of the narrator/traveller; a narrative style that borrows from fiction; the representation of the strange and exotic in ways that familiarise and distance the foreign; a concern with language and literature; and thematic concerns that go beyond descriptions of people and places visited.

Students create their own travel narratives by employing the techniques learnt from examining and assessing the travel narratives written by others.