Medieval Literature at Otago University

ENGL254 Magic and Treachery in Medieval Literature

An introduction to medieval literature including Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, Dante’s Inferno, Malory’s Le Morte D’Arthur, Norse stories of Thor and Loki, and The Arabian Nights.

With hands-on quill making, calligraphy, and bookmaking.


ENGL354 Monsters and Monstrosity in Medieval Literature

Medieval societies frequently created their sense of cultural identity by designating parts of it as monstrous.

The paper examines literature about beasts, demons, fairies, women, and werewolves.

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ENGL454 Medieval Misogyny: Subverting the Antifeminist Tradition

While antifeminism in medieval literature is common, this paper examines literature by women (Christine de Pizan) and by men who wrote about women (Geoffrey Chaucer) who fought back.



SURV412 Geovisualisation and Cartography

Each year I do one class in this Surveying paper, on the Hereford Mappa Mundi. We are lucky enough to have a facsimile copy of the mappa mundi, so it gives the students a great chance to see a different way of visualising the world. This year, I made a wee video to explain a bit about the mappa mundi.

HUMS301/401 Internship Practicum

I select students for this internship personally. The internship gives top students the opportunity to work for an organisation or business for one semester, contributing their skills in writing and speaking skills to the business. In return, students gain first-hand experience in that business, learning how the business operates, providing the students with insight to guide their future careers.

Previous student have held internships with the following businesses:

  • Dunedin City of Literature
  • Otago Museum
  • Science Media Centre
  • Otago Daily Times
  • Otago University Press
  • Bligh Law
  • Dunedin English Language Partners
  • Otago University English Language Centre
  • University Bookshop
  • Science Learning Hub
  • Screenwriters Network

Here’s some more info about HUMS301/401: HUMS301/401 Internship

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